Competitors Only Gi Camp January 2024


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Competitors Only Gi Camp
The weekend of 5th to the 7th of January 2024 Arte Suave will host a camp for all competitors of Scandinavia. The idea behind the camp is to help develop and grow the level of Jiu Jitsu competitors from Scandinavia. Because most competitors are spread out in many different academies in different countries, we believe that this is a good opportunity for like minded people to come together and help each other get better.

The camp is for competitors only, so if you would like to come and participate, please send us your accomplishments. We have a minimum requirement of 5 competitions. Send it to
This time the camp will be a Gi camp, because of the coming gi season. The camp is for free.
The format of the camp is going to be drilling for the warm up and then specific sparring and regular sparring.
We’re really looking forward to this and hope that you will support the initiative.

The Camp Schedule
Friday 17:00
First pass 11.00-13.00
Second Pass 15.30-17.30
First pass 10.00-12.00
Second Pass 13.30-15.30


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