We have planned 4 days of Jiu Jitsu and belt ceremony from Thursday to Sunday with over 16 hours of training.

09.00-11.00 BJJ09.00-11.00 BJJ10.00-12.00 BJJ10.00-12.00 BJJ
Lunch BreakLunch BreakLunch BreakLunch Break
18.00-20.00 BJJ16.00-18.00 BJJ15.30-17.30 BJJ14.30-16.30 BJJ
  17.30-18.30 Belt Ceremony 
  19.30-22.30 BBQ at Arte Suave 

Lunch Break: The Gym will stay open during the lunch break.

Gym closes: The Gym will close approximately one hour after the last class of the day.

Belt Ceremony: The belt ceremony is for all the members of Arte Suave. If you do not have the opportunity to participate in the summer camp. Then you can still participate in the belt ceremony. You just need to sign up for the class at the website.



We will organize a BBQ after the belt ceremony on Saturday.

We will fire up the grill and cook some chicken, sausages and beef together with some salads and bread.

You must provide your own beverages.

It costs DKK 100 for the food at the bbq event, you are also welcome to bring your own food.

You can pay with mobilepay on ”319663”, remember to write your name in the comment field or pay DKK 100 at our reception.

The last day to register for food is Friday.


Is the Summer camp sold out?

It is still possible to buy your ticket for our summer camp, you can do it at reception or on our website here:

For members of Arte Suave / CheckMat
Price 1500 DKK
Price per day 400 DKK
Price for non Checkmat members
Price 1800 DKK
Price per day 700 DKK

Summer camp giveaway

We have found the winner of the summer camp giveaway.


The main prize is a full camp ticket to our summer camp.

The second prize is 2 * “One day tickets” to our summer camp.

The winners are:

1. Place: Frederik Lindberg Knudsen – Full camp ticket

2. Place: Jesper Pedersen – One day ticket

2. Place: Ivan Ivanov – One day ticket

The winners will be contacted directly by email

  • We are looking forward to holding the coolest summer camp with all of you!