Summer Camp 2023 with Leo Vieira

Please note that the schedule for the upcoming week will deviate from the usual routine, with only the Gi and No-Gi classes being affected. From Thursday, the 10th to Sunday, the 13th, there will be no regular Gi and No-Gi classes; instead, we will have exclusive Summer Camp classes during this period. For the detailed schedule, kindly refer to your membership profile, where the information will be available from Sunday, the 6th.
Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to train and learn with Leo Vieira!

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Dont forget the summer party on Saturday after the graduation!
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The return of the kids after summer

We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming back the Kids and Juniors after the summer break on Tuesday, the 15th. Here is the schedule for their respective classes:

Kids aged 5-8 years: 16:00 – 17:00
Kids aged 9-12 years: 17:00 – 18:00
Juniors: 18:00 – 19:00

Our dedicated instructor team is fully prepared to greet and guide all the kids as they return to the academy. We can’t wait to see them on the mats again!


Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming Gi and No-Gi events in Denmark. Let’s aim to have a strong representation at these competitions:

D. 19/08 DM i BJJ 2023


D. 2/09 Dansk Grappling Liga
D. 23/09 Grappling Industries
D. 30/09 Nordic Submission Fighting Championship

Let’s come together as a team and show our skills and dedication at these events. Train hard, support each other, and let’s make our presence felt on the mats! If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to our team so we can help you with registration and preparation.